Cocoa's Coffee - Light & Dark Roasts
Cocoa's Coffee - Light & Dark Roasts
Cocoa's Coffee - Light & Dark Roasts

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Cocoa's Coffee - Light & Dark Roasts
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Regular price $24.00
Life begins with coffee. Good coffee and good music make the world better. Hand selected beans meticulously roasted for a perfect cup.
  • Price includes shipping and handling for domestic shipping, shipped direct from the roasters to ensure maximum freshness
  • If you order any other items from the store, they will be shipped separately and shipping charges will apply for non-coffee items only
  • Exclusive Cocoa's Coffee, available in whole beans, dark and light roast
  • Dark roast flavor notes include blueberry, Hawaiian coconut, and macadamia nut
  • Light roast flavor notes include cacao, almond, maple syrup, and hazelnut
  • Roasted by Slacktide Coffee in Marshfield, MA
  • 16oz bags

If you have any questions about your order, please contact Slacktide directly here

Please note that shipping notifications / tracking are not sent out for this item. 

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