Cocoa the Tour Dog: A Children's Picture Book

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Cocoa the Tour Dog: A Children's Picture Book
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Stick Figure and #1 New York Times best-selling author Adam Mansbach team up for a heartwarming, humorous children's picture book about a real-life rescue dog turned worldwide icon.

Cocoa the Tour Dog is the saga of an Australian shepherd who meets her soul mate: a struggling musician, Scott, with dreams of spreading love on stages across the globe. When Scott's work starts to pay off, Cocoa wanders onstage herself and finds sudden fame―and the two of them embark on an adventure that takes them around the world playing music, delighting fans, and ignoring leash laws.

But as the pace of life quickens and the crowd begins to grow, Cocoa begins to feel worn out―she misses the simpler times, and she's no longer seeing the world with puppy eyes. Luckily, Scott has just the thing to restore Cocoa's sense of wonder: a little sister dog. The two of them set off on an adventure to add Molly to the family, and soon Cocoa is teaching the puppy all about life on the road . . . and even how to take it to the stage.

Hardcover picture book. 36 pages. Full color Illustrations throughout.

Every book comes with a free sticker pack!

Signed option available, signed by Scott Woodruff & pawtagraphed by Cocoa The Tour Dog!

A portion of all proceeds will go towards The Cocoa Foundation. The Cocoa Foundation strives to eliminate barriers to putting at risk shelter dogs in good homes through grants and highlighting local charities, while supporting the people who donate their efforts to taking care of shelter dogs around the world.

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