Set In Stone Vinyl

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Set In Stone Vinyl
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Shipping vinyl is a delicate process, and we do our best to protect your item when we ship it. However, we will not refund or resend vinyl due to any warping or damage that occurs during shipping. No refunds on vinyl purchases. 


  1. Fire on the Horizon
  2. In this Love
  3. Sound of the Sea
  4. Choice is Yours (ft. Slightly Stoopid)
  5. Mind Block (ft. Eric Rachmany of Rebelution)
  6. Sentenced
  7. Out the Door
  8. Weary Eyes
  9. Smokin' Love (ft. Collie Buddz)
  10. Shadow
  11. One of Those Days
  12. All My Love
  13. Sunshine and Rain
  14. Smiles on Faces (ft. KBong)


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